About Us

Transaxle Manufacturing of America (TMA) was formed in July 2001 to be a supplier of high quality, cost effective transaxles to meet the needs of customers who manufacture vehicles used in a wide range of applications in the lawn and garden and recreational markets. TMA can produce transaxles to our customer’s designs and specifications or we have the ability to create designs and manufacture them to meet the customer’s needs.
TMA is located on a 40 acre, $35 million dollar facility in Rock Hill, South Carolina's Waterford Industrial Park.
Transaxle Manufacturing of America

Transaxle Manufacturing of America core competencies are:

  • Machining
  • Assembly with In Process Verification
  • Assembly Quality Verification
  • Shipping
  • Use of a global supply base to insure high quality components
Company Highlights
  • To become the number one supplier of Transaxles for Compact Utility Tractors, Utility Vehicles, ATV's and Golf Carts
  • Addition UT16 products
  •  Addition UT15B products
  • Addition UV16 products
  • Addition FWV16 products
  • Added two new Mazak machining centers
  • Added one new Mazak machining centers
  • April 2012 - Addition of RSX Products to the UV Line
  • November 2012 - Addition of UV-34 Products to the UV Line
  • 10 Year anniversary of the incorporation of TMA
  • August 2011 - Addition of UV15 products
  • October 2011 – Addition of two Mazak machining centers
  • January 2010 - FWV production start-up
  • October 2010 – UT10 production start-up
  • CVT production start-up
  • June 2008 - Added new model number to the UT product line, the UT15-B
  • August 2008 – Added a new model to the UV product line, the UV30-C 2WD/4WD, in response to the addition of a new customer in the golf cart industry
  • January 2007 - Added new model, the UV32 to the UV product line
  • April 2006 - Added new model type for Lawn Mowers, the RAD20 Gearbox
  • December 2006 - Added new model to the UV30 model line
  • October 2005 - Added new model numbers to the UT20 and UV30 lines
  • June 2004 - Added new model to the UV product line, the UV20
  • November 2004 - Added first Compact Utility Tractor (UT) model line, the UT20
  • April 2003 - Grand Opening and production of first model line for Utility Vehicles (UV), the UV10
  • August 2003 - Started add new model to the UV product line, the UV30.
  • August 2003 - Added new model type for Fast Wheeled Vehicles. the FWV30
  • November 2003 - Due to overwhelming orders, started a 2nd shift
  • January 2002 - Began construction of facility
  • October 2002 - Major construction of facility finished
  • July 2001 - TMA was incorporated as a "C" corporation in Delaware